“Learning is the discovery that something
is possible. (Fritz Perls)”


The level of your training requirements

ADP IT Centre presents its catalog of courses for this season. If you do not know or have not decided yet which ones best fits your profile, the introductions will guide you to find the most suitable training to match your needs.




- Android (Google) / iOS (Apple):

Nowadays, mobile phones have become vital in our day to day, for people from businesses and for one’s own. Such has been its evolution that we have a generation of devices called smartphones, that sometimes, due to the large number of options available, can leave us out of this if we do not use them to their full potential. In turn, gradually are being integrated into more homes the already well known tablets, with a very similar system to the Smartphone and are gradually taking up space now occupied by small laptops.

Do not stay out of the new generation and learn the two main systems in the world of smartphones and tablets.


If your goals are to become a to computer technician (flat, industrial parts, etc) animation, artistic design or web design, your branch is Assisted Design. In our centers you can learn or improve your skills in the following programs:

- AutoCAD:

Autodesk, the company that created AutoCAD, has become a reference for architects, engineers and industrial personnel.

AutoCAD is a CAD Edition (Computer Aided Design) that allows the creation and editing of professional 3D drawings to creating pieces for further processing with the plotter or a compatible device. It also is useful for interior decoration.

Absolutely essential for anyone involved or wanting to study a profession of technical / engineering nature.

- Adobe Ilustrator:

Previously used the product Macromomedia Freehand and currently renewed to Adobe Illustrator . After the purchase of the company by the recognized Macromedia Adobe, comes the new version of this excellent vector drawing program.


You have probably wondered many times: ‘ how is it done within a program?’, ‘how can a video game react ‘intelligently’? or you just wanted to create your own applications. If you agreed to these questions mentioned, programming will enable you to understand and develop these issues.

- Visual C# / C++:

C has always been a more powerful programming language used by programmers for developing, from work tools to video games. This language has been perfected over the years, now offering a new Visual-based application design version.

The implementation of the NET platform and the evolution of C to C # has allowed this language to be proclaimed as the king of programming languages.

If what you want is power when creating programs, C is definitely what you're looking for.

- Web Development (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Java, PHP):

Java is without a doubt, a language to be considered nowadays. It is used by most appliances such as microwaves, refrigerators, digital watches, etc. and lately it is making its way to the next generation of mobile phones. From small programs to develop cross-platform video games, Java allows you to create powerful programs using object-oriented or also known as OOP programming.

HTML is obviously necessary. This webpage can be read thanks to it. It is the stating language for any programmer who wants to get a place in web design or for anyone who wants a website on the Internet. HTML is the basis of the World Wide Web. An essential language. You can also learn their new variants such as DHTML or XHTML by encoding or by using tools like Dreamweaver.


Hollywood has accustomed us to special effects, computer retouching and many more techniques that, without computers, would not be as advanced. If you have ever wondered how photo retouching is done, or how video or 3D special effects are created, the animation is a good choice for you.

- 3D Studio MAX:

In recent years, computer graphics, digital animation and computer generated special effects has grown in popularity in the film industry.

Autodesk, the makers of AutoCAD offer us the ability to create and animate any three-dimensional element and apply as many effects as you want.

The chances of 3D Studio go from creating photorealistic images, animations, special effects, video games, etc. It is also used extensively in the world of architecture for displaying customer projects.

- Adobe Premiere:

Within the powerful "Creative Suite" from Adobe, we find a program similar to Photoshop but aimed to video editing: Adobe Premiere.

With this program we can make our recordings audiovisual compositions in classical formats like VHS or new as DIVX, DVD, etc.

Add music, chroma effects, transitions, retouching. Everything is possible with Adobe Premiere.

- Adobe Photoshop:

With the arrival of digital cameras comes the need to modify, alter and control to our linking any pictures taken. Photoshop is a digital retouch software that can do professional use and adapt, in turn, to the amateur user.

More than ten years at the head of retouching endorse this suite. Considered by professionals as one of the best programs for editing and retouching.

Office IT

Anyone who wants to start in the computer world should know that there are two essential pillars; Windows and Office. If you want to start over or reinforce your basic office ... this is the module you need.

- Windows / Windows Server:

Windows is the operating system of the computer and therefore the basis of any software. We could say that anyone who can not handle Windows does not know computing.

In recent years, due to new technologies, Windows has changed its appearance and functions drastically. We are aware that we teach and make the most out of your computer in a "click" of the mouse.

If you need to start from scratch and create you a good base, or on the contrary, upgrade to the latest versions this is a must for you module.

- Office / OpenOffice / LibreOffice / Internet:

Microsoft has become the most important company with its office software package Microsoft Office. This office suite is made up of such essential applications and known as:

Access, Excel, Internet Explorer, Outlook, Powerpoint, Publisher y Word

Database, spreadsheet, web browser, email, presentations and slides, covers and inlays, fax, letters, resumes and a myriad of possible applications for administrative and educational world.

Also, as you may know, Internet is present everywhere today. The possibilities are endless: information search, shopping, promotion for companies, job search, instant messaging, etc etc ... The revolution of this century is here. Do you want to miss it?


Computers, like any other device, have a maintenance, some repairs and a tune. Understanding the inner workings of its mechanisms allows us a more accurate computer control and customization. Hardware & Networking venture into the exciting world of assembly, repair and installation of autonomous and networked devices.

- Hardware and Networking:

Who is not tired of seeing ‘blue screen’ error, viruses deleting our files and apps or endangering personal information, parts that break down and may cost us about the same as a brand new computer, etc, etc.

If you have experienced any of the problems mentioned and what you would like is to be able to fix them yourself, learning how a computer works, understanding, assembling and repairing, installing operating systems, installing and repairing networks, etc. This is certainly the course you're looking for.

Want to keep spending money when you could do it yourself ??

- Linux:

No doubt Linux has strongly entered the computing systems of official governments thanks to its robustness, extreme safety and free license. There are many administrations using Linux operating system on their computers as the Catalan Administrative Goverment does, so it is trusted by many large companies, and the ordinary user.

¿What Linux gives you? It's free, NO VIRUSES, a system that is "shielded", impenetrable, fast, true multitasking, and not exclusive free ... do you still need any more reasons?

With us you will learn to install, configure and understand this system, until now, a few dared to use it. Once you try it ... you will return to your old operating system?


- Inglés, Francés y Alemán:

Hoy en día no basta con tener una buena formación en tu sector, además necesitamos también saber comunicarnos con cualquier parte del mundo para llevar nuestros negocios y/o proyectos a cualquier lugar, y para ello, es imprescindible saber hablar en distintos idiomas, pero sobretodo, en ingles.

Sobre todo en la informática, el Ingles está presente constantemente, ya sea manejando un programa como buscando información por internet.

Por ello te proponemos que no solo te formes en informática, sino que también mejores tu nivel de idiomas, ya sea Ingles, Francés o Alemán, para así evitar quedarte “in-comunicado” en tus proyectos.


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